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Blackstone Group is a worldwide leader in alternative asset management. Senior managing director William Mulrow brings extensive finance and investment banking experience to helping the company gather, preserve and manage $279 billion in assets of public- and private-sector pension funds, charitable organizations and others.

The firm was started almost 30 years ago by two partners who believed an investment firm could be built and operated successfully by adhering to a commitment to excellence. The company they started has grown into a global firm with 25 offices and 2,000 employees. Blackstone Group’s portfolio companies add an additional 585,000 people working under the firm’s banner.

Before joining the New York office of Blackstone Group, William Mulrow had already compiled a resume establishing his expertise in the area of investment banking in both the public and private sectors. Mulrow was a senior executive at Citigroup Global Capital Markets and served as managing director at Paladin Capital Group where he managed investment funds that invested in security related companies.

Prior to his employment at Citigroup and Paladin, Mulrow was in charge of new product development at Gabelli Asset Management and served corporate finance managing director at Rothschild Inc. A cum laude graduate of Yale University where he earned a bachelor’s degree, Mulrow was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship. He pursued his master’s degree in public administration at the prestigious John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Just as the Blackstone Group was founded on the principles of high ethical standards and a commitment to excellence, William Mulrow has committed his professional life to combining excellence in his chosen career with a devotion to giving back to the community in the form of public service. Mulrow firmly believes that those who work in the world of business owe it to society to make time for public service.

Some of the public-sector positions Mulrow has held include service as director of the federal Home Loan Bank of New York, director of the New York City’s Municipal Assistance Corporation, director of the United Nations Development Corporation and chairman of the Westchester County Industrial Development Corporation. He currently serves as chairman of the State of New York Mortgage Agency and of the New York State Housing Finance Agency.

Mulrow has served as vice chairman of the New York State Democratic Party. He also served on the boards of directors of Millbrook Capital, Hudson Valley Bank and as chairman of the board of Sterling Suffolk Racecourse LLC. He has also served on the boards of trustees of the Bronxville School Foundation, Fordham Preparatory School, the Taubman Center for State and Local Government at Harvard University and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.

A long list of awards attests to Mulrow’s long history of public service. He is the recipient of the North American Board of Rabbis Humanitarian award, the Whiney Radio Group of Westchester County Award for Civic Leadership and the Roy Wilkins Humanitarian Award from the New York chapter of the NAACP.

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During his tenure with the Paladin Capital Group, William Mulrow further expanded his already extensive knowledge of the global financial marketplace.

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William Mulrow’s association with the Paladin Capital Group is in keeping with his forward-thinking approach to financial and investment matters.

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A leader in green energy and technological investment, the Paladin Capital Group has employed top experts, including William Mulrow, from a wide range of military, political and financial backgrounds.

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William Mulrow’s experience in the public finance sector provided a solid foundation for his work with the Paladin Capital Group.

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In his role as a managing director at the Paladin Capital Group, William Mulrow had the opportunity to work with leading innovators in the financial field.

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The Paladin Capital Group is a leading international private equity company that specializes in green technologies, homeland security, cyber security and high-tech investment opportunities. Formerly a Managing Director for Paladin, William Mulrow put his expertise to work in identifying new investments and new funding sources for this cutting-edge financial organization. He was responsible for originating and underwriting investments and monitoring them closely to ensure maximum profitability for Paladin and its investors. Mulrow currently works as a Senior Managing Director for the Blackstone Group, a major international asset management firm and a leading force for innovation in the financial marketplace.

During his tenure at the Paladin Capital Group, William Mulrow worked alongside well-known experts in national security, cyber security and technological trends including luminaries like Richard A. Clarke, a senior advisor to the White House for many years, and retired General Ken Minihan, the former head of the National Security Agency. The Paladin Capital Group has built its organization around the best talent and most competent advisors in the industry.

The Paladin Capital Group is well positioned to take advantage of the latest trends in the international marketplace. Alternative energy development and green technologies are among the hottest properties in the investment world. Paladin’s early adoption strategies have made it a leader in these fields. Paladin was also one of the first and most important investors in the homeland security sector and continues to maintain a predominant position in the cyber security investment arena. William Mulrow has put his extensive financial and investment experience with this firm to good use in his current position with the Blackstone Group.

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